La Pérgola Restaurant

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Although it is not usual for specialized guides to echo the restaurants of the large hotel chains, the Gourmetour Guide maintains La Pérgola Restaurant, year after year, with a high rating (un7 in 2007).

The reasons according to this guide is an "interesting cuisine and a correct value for money". The restaurant offers elaborate and creative dishes within the traditional Basque cookbook. Venison tenderloin and grilled scallops are some of the house's recognized specialties.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Bilbao, next to the Trade Fair and the Congress Palace. 5 minutes from the Guggenheim.

Google Maps address and phone

GranVia, 87. (48011 Bilbao). Tel: 944 416 000


Jon gotzon martinez

Menu / Recommended dishes

- Taco of cod confit with squid garlic and creamy garlic soup.
-Roast lamb with its braised sweetbreads and shallot cream.
-Tasting menu.

Other data of interest

located in the NH Villa de Bilbao Hotel

always open.

Casa Alfonso Restaurant Rating in the gastronomy guides
Michelin Guide Gourmetour Guide Campsa Guide
- star6- Sun

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