Are pediatric check-ups necessary?

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Is it necessary to take the child to the pediatrician even if he seems healthy?

The answer is yes.

Going for pediatric checkups ensures that any drastic changes in the child's growth will be noticed immediately and, if necessary, the cause will be sought and treated. At each review with the pediatrician or pediatric nurse, will weigh the child, and in the case of a baby it ismeasure the length and circumference of the head. For this he is compared with other children of the same age, to see if the child's growth is constant.

During these routine exams, the doctor will perform a detailed physical examination, looking for signs of disease or infection, as well as other issues such as the existence of a rash, cough, mucus or other problems that may not be very obvious and that require a trained eye to detect them.

Another thing the doctor will consider are the development milestones, that is, if the baby is doing the appropriate things for his age such as sitting, crawling, ... The doctor will also check the ability of the baby to follow something with the movement of the eyes, lift the head, sit alone. All babies develop to their own pace, but tend to stay within a few months of each other.

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