EasyJet vacations

EasyJet offers vacation packages at competitive prices.

The holiday market could undergo a major shakeup this year as EasyJet Holidays, EasyJet's vacation package service, was re-launched last week. The service allows users to create personalized packages combining cheap EasyJet flights with accommodation and transfers from the Lowcosttravelgroup company.

Given that EasyJet offers flights between 18 UK airports and 100 international destinations and Lowcosttravelgroup offers more than 10,000 accommodations, it could become an important competitor to the large tour operators, especially since the travel sector is one of the most advanced in purchasing online services. Although EasyJet Holidays has been around for about 4 years, this new version of the offer has a much larger inventory of accommodation than the previous one, and the EasyJet flight booking process is much better integrated.

Advantages of using the Easyjet vacation service:

  • Reservations made with EasyJet Holidays are financially protected by insurance. So in case EasyJet went bankrupt or there was a problem with the hotel where it was booked, the consumer would not lose. This protection is not available if flights and accommodation are booked separately.
  • When booking a package, the travel regulations for vacation packages apply. This means that if something goes wrong during the trip (ash clouds, strikes, natural phenomena ...) EasyJet Holidays has a legal obligation to take care of its customers, fix all parts of their trip and, if necessary, return them home.
  • EasyJet Holidays also promises 24/7 access to a call center in case of problems. It claims to have agents in most hotels and cities, capable of fixing things on the fly.
  • An EasyJet Holidays vacation package can be booked over the phone if departure is within three months.
  • When booking a package, you can make a deposit and pay the rest later, instead of having to pay the full amount of the reservation.

Disadvantages of the EasyJet Holidays service:

  • Deals rarely seem to be last minute, so rates are likely to go up considerably if you book near your departure date.
  • There are not many accommodations available in some of the lesser known destinations.
  • As with EasyJet flight reservations, there are several additional charges, such as the surcharge for checked bag or for paying by debit card.

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