Loves that kill

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It is known to all that love is not always all happiness, that we all suffer on more than one occasion throughout our lives because of love, excess, lack. Unfortunately, these loves that kill are not only due to suffering, obsession can lead many to not conceive of life without a partner, which is why we often confuse a sick and destructive relationship with a passionate love story.

Many times, too many of us see victims of gender violence in the news, who due to lack of trust or because of loving too much, do not put an end to those vicious circles in which they are immersed for fear of loneliness, because of ties such as children who are often determining factors to make the decision to distance ourselves from those who harm us.

Another determining factor in these stories of loves that kill It is self-esteem, although not always, many victims tend to think that they deserve these situations because they are what they chose; Unfortunately, society tends to continue to see shouting, verbal disrespect and what it does most, psychological abuse as something relatively normal between a couple.

The most important thing about this is to determine if a relationship has those factors that can trap us in a love that kills, such as:
-Excessive jealousy: If there is no trust in a relationship, it is very unlikely that there can be love.
-The screams: No one can yell at you, it doesn't matter if they tell you that it was your fault, no one who loves you will make you suffer.
-The phrases "if you are not me @ you will not belong to anyone" is not a proof of love, it is a symptom of an obsession, make no mistake.

I could continue with this list that would be endless because there are many situations in which love is confused.
The most important thing about this post is to make you see and stay away from destructive relationships, from “loves that kill.

If you have a story to share to help those who go through that, or simply to vent, I invite you to do so in the comments.

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