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Keeping DIY tools can give us more of a headache. Especially when we are increasing our stocks and we do not store them properly.

Rust on DIY tools
Garages, basements, storage rooms etc. A very simple trick to combat moisture and rust on your tools, especially if you use them very occasionally, is to hang them on nails on a wooden board in such a way as to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

The advantages of storing them like this, apart from their conservation, is that it is also easy to find them as soon as their arrangement is designed with a little logic and order.

If you do not have enough space and they are doomed to be together in a bag with nails, and other materials, add to the bag chalk, or grains of rice, and the rust will decrease.

The secret of linseed oil

After using the tools a good idea is to spread them with cooked linseed oil and they will appear as new.

Linseed oil is very useful in DIY, apart from the tools, you can also use it for other things: cleaning the stoneware floor, durability of new brushes and brushes, treating cement floors, straightening the crooked bristles of a brush, etc. etc.

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