Christmas: 12 perfect gifts for book lovers

That beautiful time is approaching !!! And I thought, what do I like the most about Christmas? apart from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens of course. And call me superficial, but I love gifts, so it came to my head to make a post with gifts that would be the dream of every book lover: so friends, get a pencil and paper because I want them all! 😀

1. Thisthe most original bookmarks, that's what these cuties are, handmade and that you can customize according to your taste !!!

2. For ereader, tablet and mobile owners: a sleeve that mimics the front and back covers of vintage booksIt will be a gift that will look good if you know someone who has a love for books.

3. Cup of Pride and Prejudice: To start the morning a good coffee, and even more so if it is in this beautiful mug.

4. This Hogwarts student t-shirt It will be perfect for Harry Potter readers and fans.

5. In order not to lose the exact point where you left the reading the last time these bookmark so original that they will surely remind you of the exact point, and will also encourage you to read.

6. This precious lectern to read in bed!! Who doesn't want to spend a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea (the Pride and Prejudice one) and this cute music stand?

7. Electronic dictionary bookmarks: This is one of my favorites, and for those who are venturing to read in English it will be the perfect gift, it can translate and it is so thin that it also doubles as a bookmark !!! I want two 😀

8. these accessories they are beautiful!! Bangles, pendants and earrings with fragments or literary phrases, a safe bet for women.

9. To carry a book everywhere, this Mac case It is perfect for those of us who love to read, as its book form is charming.

10. If you are lovers of Alice in wonderlands in particular, this picture You will love it, nothing better than something so beautiful and with a special meaning that adorns our walls.

11. These t-shirts are great!! If you are the girlfriend of a book lover the gift will be for both of you, this Mr. Darcy t-shirt It's very original.

12. A poster of the favorite author of each, and that's not all, with a characteristic phrase made by Ryan Sheffield is a safe bet for this Christmas.

13. These book posters on one page that we would all love to decorate our reading corner !!

With any of these gifts, all book lovers will feel happy and grateful for sure !!! Greetings and happy December 😀

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