Inexpensive home decor in summer

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Ideas to give your home a summery look without spending a lot of money.

Start with the most chaotic room, which is usually always the most used, usually the kitchen or the living room. Enjoy the simplicity of summer colors at home and spread those good summer moments throughout the house.

See life as rosy. Store the transparent bottles and fill them with colored water, put a cork on them and place them on the windowsill so that the sunlight shines through them.

Double decoration: cover photo frames and rugs with a brightly colored fabric for the summer; something easy to remove when winter returns. You can find the fabric in thrift stores or street markets to save money, or reuse old clothing as material.

For the children: frame and hang the children's drawings in light primary colors. This is especially ideal for white kitchens and gives them a personal touch that makes the home more special.

Find cheap wall hangings to replace items like duvets or blankets and add color and texture.

Add a touch of lighter color to the room with a few simple cushions that break from the usual color scheme. For example, if there are many muted greens in the room, put the cushions in a light apple green.

Do we need a large painting to put on the sofa? Choose three summer colors that go well with the room and get a board or MDF of the right size; apply a primer coat to the entire board, including the edges and tape three horizontal stripes, so that the middle one is narrower (you have to make one stripe at a time). Paint the central strip with the lightest color, the top one with the palest color and finally the bottom one. Interesting, colorful, simple and cheap!

Finally, always bring something from the outside inside during these warm months. Bring in some cheap annuals from a nursery and use them as summer houseplants in a light colored pot. Plant a few sunflower and cosmos seeds for easy stacks of flowers that can be cut and brought indoors. If we are not good at gardening, we can always bring a bunch of flowers from the supermarket every week, and divide them into several smaller bouquets. Put them in vases, sugar bowls or cups where it seems that a touch of color and romance is needed.


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