7 natural remedies to whiten teeth

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Tooth discoloration is part of the natural aging process that all living things go through. Despite being a natural process, a large part of the population tries to combat these processes to continue feeling young (the same happens with gray hair and wrinkles).

The natural remedies for teeth whitening that we will see below are simple, affordable and do not require visits to the dentist.

Here are 7 natural remedies to whiten teeth in a simple and natural way (without having to move from home):

1.- Eat and chew strawberries

Strawberries contain an enzyme called malic acid (which helps whiten teeth), and vitamin C. The astringent in strawberries helps remove possible stains, while vitamin C is responsible for removing plaque. For a greater effect, we can crush some strawberries and use a toothbrush to brush with the mixture 2 times a week. In the absence of a brush we can always chew them (but making sure to do it correctly so that the teeth are cleaned correctly).

2.- Use dental floss

The truth is that dental floss is not used as much as the toothbrush. Despite this fact, there are many dentists and dental hygienists who consider flossing even more important than brushing. In addition, the floss reaches the places where the most stains appear, making your teeth look much whiter.

3.- Baking soda and lemon

This is one of the most popular natural remedies for teeth whitening. The chemical reaction that occurs when mixing bicarbonate with the citrus juice of the lemon has a bleaching effect. Separately, both ingredients work wonders, but together they are incredibly effective. We will use a toothbrush to apply the mixture once a week so as not to damage the enamel.

4.- Eat crisp vegetables and fruits

Apples, carrots, and celery are great foods for our teeth. Crispy vegetables and fruits act like a natural toothbrush, so by chewing any of these foods, we remove excess food and bacteria that may be in our mouth.

These foods are not only good for the teeth because of their texture (ideal as a natural brush) but also because they contain ideal acids to keep teeth even whiter and eliminate stains.

5.- Mouthwash with oil

Oil mouthwash is an Indian natural remedy used primarily to improve oral health and cleanse the body. To do it correctly, we just have to take a tablespoon of pure and organic oil (of any kind) and stir it by mouth for 15-20 minutes. After rinsing, we will spit out the oil and rinse our mouth with water. Then we will drink 2-3 glasses of water (purified if possible).

6.- Food hydrogen peroxide

According to an article published in "Earthclinic," dietary hydrogen peroxide is ideal for preventing the growth of bacteria, the development of infections, and bad breath (often caused by bacteria or infections in the mouth). To apply the remedy, we simply have to rinse the mouth with a little hydrogen peroxide food for a few seconds and then mix it.

7.- Use a straw or straw

Drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and soft drinks damage the enamel of our teeth. Therefore, when drinking these drinks, it is advisable to use a straw (or straw) whenever possible, since in this way we avoid (or reduce) the direct contact of the drink with our teeth, helping to maintain and improve your health and whitening.

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