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Everything is concentrated on the ceilings and walls, the condensation of vapors and fumes from food, cigarette smoke, wood stoves, everyday rubs, etc. All this darkens the color of the paint, causes marks and stains on the walls and ceilings.

Tips for cleaning walls and ceilings

Cleaning walls and ceilings with paint

Looking up at the ceiling and deciding whether to replace cleaning with paint coats.

When doing general or deep cleaning it is time to pass the duster all over the ceilings of the house. Before starting to clean, let the dust settle. To clean ceilings without raising dust, use a broom with a clean, dry cloth attached to its brush. From time to time wipe the cloth and proceed in the same way.

If the walls are washable, use a sponge with water and dishwasher to go through the stained areas. If you notice a large difference in color, the entire surface will need to be washed so that there are no lighter areas.

To avoid scratches and stains, place protectors around the light switches, try with an eraser to remove them.

Cigarette smoke clings to surfaces and turns them yellow over time. To remove tobacco stains, use sugar soap diluted in water and the stains will not resist.

Clean wallpapered walls

The wallpapered walls are beautiful and solve the problem of painting every year. Care of the paper is essential for it to last a long time. The paper, unless it is waterproof, should not be cleaned with water, it can come off, simply wipe with a dry and soft cloth to remove the dust. Stains on the paper are removed with an eraser or a bread crumb ball.

If the stain is fat, proceed as follows:Place a blotting or absorbent paper on the stain and iron it very hot. Part of the stain will remain on the paper, repeat with another paper until the stain disappears.

Clean tiled or tiled wall

They will depend on what state they are in. If they have fungus, apply a cloth with water and some disinfectant such as bleach. And brush the joints with an old toothbrush with the same preparation. You can also use ammonia. To obtain shiny tiles, use a mixture of water with vinegar. To avoid stains or splashes, rinse and dry.

Clean wooden walls

The wood paneling on the walls of the kitchen or in the dining room is beautiful and very cozy. Wood has great qualities but its maintenance requires work. If you have noticed that the varnish has lifted it is time to take letters on the matter. First you will have to remove the old varnish with a steel pad, white alcohol and a lot of doll. Following the grain of the wood, it is rubbed gently until finding the virgin wood. Then give a coat of varnish. An excellent protector of wood and other surfaces is linseed oil, pure or with white spirit.

Clean exterior walls and roofs

To clean the outside of the house there are companies specialized in cleaning facades, they use high pressure water cleaners or if you want to do it yourself, you can rent them. It is important to obtain advice on the resistance of your facade materials. There are surfaces or finishes that will not tolerate pressure cleaners because they will chip. On roofs, moss formation due to humidity is common. To avoid the concentration of moss, place copper wires along the roof and to remove them use high pressure cleaning.

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