15 Christmas boxes to print

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Christmas Printables: Christmas Gift Boxes to Print

Christmas boxes to print and assemble

These boxes are great to make gifts or Christmas details, you print them and they are very good to keep a gift or send a Christmas message saved in them.

There are 2 different box molds, an open box model and another that you can close, in the Christmas box of the open mold you can put bags with sweets with a nice bow and you will have a very nice Christmas detail.

What are you for christmas boxes They look great we recommend print them on cardstock paper or photo paper. If you need a bigger box, you can go to a store where they make prints and ask to have it printed in a larger format.

15 free printable Christmas box designs

Open Christmas box model

Models of closed Christmas box with lid

Do you already have your favorite? To download the boxes you have to click on the following links:

Download Open Model Christmas Printable Box Designs

Download closed model Christmas printable box designs

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