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According to an article published this week on, parents no longer have to worry about losing their children thanks to a new piece of winter clothing that includes a GPS locator.

The jackets from British clothing company Bladerunner, due to hit the market this week, have a GPS tracking device in the lining. This device allows the jacket to be located anywhere in the world in an area of ​​4m2.

"The jacket is not intended to prevent people from losing their children," says Adrian Davis, a contributor to Bladerunner. "It was originally made for mountaineers, climbers, skiers and snowboarders."

According to David, the company eventually decided to make a children's version of the jacket intended for parents who are concerned about the safety of their children.
Using Google Earth maps, users can see the movements of the person wearing the garment. Movements are updated every 10 seconds. But it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet to know where the person is. Users can also receive warning messages on their mobile phones or email accounts when the hunter leaves a defined area, which means that parents could receive warning messages every time their child hangs up class, leaves the neighborhood or goes to your partner's house, as long as the child carries the jacket with him.

Bladerunner, who designed the windbreaker and commissioned Asset Monitoring Solutions to incorporate the tracking device, made headlines in the spring when it unveiled its anti-knife clothing for children, intended for those concerned about the increasing number of gun crimes. white in London.
The new garment is also equipped with the knife resistant lining. The tracking device uses a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 18 hours.
A tracking jacket for kids costs $ 500 (about € 348), plus $ 20 (€ 13.90) per month for tracking technology; and that of an adult 700 dollars (about € 487).

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