Russia to develop nanotechnology-based textiles

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He russian government, in collaboration with the country's nanotechnology giant, Rusnano, and the Swiss industrial engineering group OC Oerlikon, a developer of innovative industrial solutions for the food, clothing and transport sectors, among others (owned by the Russian financial conglomerate Renova), aim to accelerate initiatives in Russia in the field of design and production of new types of textile products based on nanotechnologies.

In recent years, interest in the development of nanotextiles and other innovative types of textile products in Russia has increased significantly. However, despite the fact that Russian scientists have the knowledge and technologies necessary for the production of nanotextiles, so far they have been imported from abroad.

This could change in the future. If the initiative goes ahead, Rusnano and its partners will start mass production of innovative textile productss based on nanotechnologies, which will be characterized by being antibacterial, self-cleaning and with water-repellent properties.

In the initial stage, most of these products will be special fabrics, destined to meet the needs of the Russian army, hospitals of the national health service and private clinics. However, later it is possible to manufacture other types of products, specifically diapers.

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