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Hippolytus, masculine name of Greek origin "Hipposlyos", what does it mean"That warrior who releases the horses"or"That one who takes horses".

History and the Saint

Saint Hippolytus of Rome, presbytery with Saint Ponciano, pope. Both martyrs die in the desert as a result of the bad treatment received in the mines of Sardinia, exiled for being leaders and faction of the Roman Church. Hipólito is buried in Rome, in Via Tiburtina. Hippolytus Roman priest who opposed popes Ceferino and Calixto proclaiming himself the antipope. Hippolytus is considered the most important theologian of the third century in the Western Church, stands out as an ecclesiastical writer and the first commentator, called for that reason "father of christian exegesis". Among his works."Refutation of all heresies"still in force with valuable data on Gnosticism.

His Saint is celebrated with the Saint Ponciano on August 13.

Other Saints Hipólito: Saint Hippolytus, priest and martyr is celebrated on January 30, Saint Hippolytus, martyr on February 3, December 2; Saint Hippolytus, bishop and martyr: on August 22 and Saint Hippolytus, priest on October 30.

Hippolytus variant

Hippolytus female variant Hippolyta.

Hippolytus in other languages:

  • Catalan: Hipolit.
  • French: Hippolyte.
  • English: Hippolytus.
  • Italian: Ipolito.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Hippolytus

  • HipólitoRuiz López, was born in Burgos in 1752, a botanist who collaborated with the creation of the Madrid Botanical Garden.

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