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The loose bits of information we upload to Facebook
may not look interesting on their own - a photo of a baby here, a
birthday greeting there. But overall, the data in our profile
Facebook are a treasure trove of information that can be analyzed to find
patterns and statistics about our lives online (or those of our friends).

A new tool from Wolfram Alpha produces an extensive and personalized analysis report with all the information about us, based on our Facebook data. To test it out, just go to the Wolfram Alpha site, type "Facebook report" and click the button that says "Analyze My Facebook Data".
We will need to give the Wolfram Connection app permission to access
our Facebook profile and bio.

Once the analysis is done, the application will
will present a detailed, graphical and interactive report of our life in
Facebook. We can obtain statistics on the types of friends we have,
including characteristics such as age ranges, marital status or
religion. We can see what our photos and publications have been more
popular, plus a graph showing when we are most likely to
post on Facebook and another in the form of a network that shows how they are connected
all our friends with each other and with us. There are more than 60 sections of information to inquire into,
They include word clouds, pie charts, and maps.

We can also
get a report on our Facebook friends by typing “Facebook
Friends ”in the Wolfram Alpha search field.

Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine
known, among other things, for being part of the brains that make
Apple's Siri voice assistant works.

Most people don't have such a large amount of data.
extensive about their life, but they probably have more than they realize.
While Wolfram has been actively recording this data, most of
people have been creating trails without realizing it. Mail files
electronic, FitBits, Tweets, texts and georeferenced images and check-ins;
all of them constitute stores of information about our life. It's just
a matter of time there are tools available to extract and make sense
to all that information as a whole.

Wolfram points out that there are many more sources than
are yet to be harnessed, such as medical data and motion sensors from
houses. The Facebook tool is also just the beginning for
consumers; the company plans to add new tools and features
in the future.

Facebook's analytics tool is fun, but
also a reminder of how much information we are willing to share in
social networks. It might inspire some people to put a stop to
amount of information they share online and to others to store even more and
embrace all the cool data tracking possibilities
personal. Source: CNN

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