12 phrases of King Juan Carlos I that will remain written in history

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Today will be written down in history by the abdication of King Juan Carlos I of Bourbon, and today we want to take a tour of his best phrases.

12 phrases of King Juan Carlos:

  1. If we stick together, we will have won the future.
  2. I will continue to fight as long as the body holds.
  3. It is time for all of us to look ahead and do what we can to heal open wounds.
  4. I'm very sorry, I was wrong; It will not happen again.
  5. Justice is the same for all. Any objectionable action must be judged and sanctioned in accordance with the law.
  6. The mistreatment of women hurts and outrages us deeply and denigrates us as a society.
  7. You journalists want to stick a pine in my gut.
  8. It was never ours, the language of imposition, but of encounter; Nobody was ever forced to speak Spanish: it was the most diverse peoples who made the language of Cervantes their own by free will.
  9. The Crown, symbol of permanence and unity of the homeland, cannot tolerate in any way actions or attitudes of people who intend to forcibly interrupt the democratic process that the Constitution voted by the Spanish people determined in its day through referendum.
  10. Especially people with public responsibilities, we have a duty to observe appropriate behavior, exemplary behavior.
  11. The reality was very difficult to bear for those who believe that any past time was better.
  12. The King wants to be to everyone at the same time and from each one to their culture, history and tradition.

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