10 Top Web Companies - Global

In the year 2003, Byte Level Research published a report that ranked which companies had developed sites for international markets, an emerging practice known as "Web globalization." Of the 121 sites studied, Google was chosen the best site.

Now, Byte Level Research has published the 2005 edition of The Web Globalization Report Card and, once again, Google has been in the first position. Said report, more extensive and improved, refers to 200 sites of companies in 16 sectors.

The top 10 ranked sites are:

  • 1 Google
  • 2 HP
  • 3 American Express
  • 4 Philips
  • 5 Skype
  • 6 Ericsson
  • 7 Procter & Gamble
  • 8 Cisco Systems
  • 9 IBM
  • 10 E * TRADE

Google's leadership seems incontestable. "With 97 different language interfaces, Google is the most global commercial website that has ever been built on the net " in the words of John Yunker, chief analyst at Byte Level Research. Other companies such as HP, Philips, Skype ... receive a very positive assessment of the quality of their "global" web sites.

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