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Guideto some of the best restaurants in Spain. Few countries in the world can boast a cuisine as varied and richas Spain. The reputation of top Spanish chefs and restaurants has taken off in the past decade or so, as food experts have begun to take the Spanish offer seriously. But the quality of Spanish restaurants spreads well beyond the glitz of famousestablishments such as Ferran Adria's el Bullí in Catalonia or Arzak in San Sebastian. Visitors to Spain, if they are lucky and adventurous, can oftenbe astounded by the imagination and quality of quite simple-looking city or villagerestaurants.

Many guides to restaurants in Spain are either onlyavailable in Spanish, or are biased to one kind of restaurant - "cheaprestaurants in Spain", or"exclusive restaurants in Spain"or"restaurants with charm in Spain".... This guide to Spanishrestaurants aims to include the best of all possible kinds and is based on years of traveling around Spain and eating in all sorts of places. We also have informationon a few vegetarianrestaurants in Spain

Asin our guide to hotelsin Spain and Spanishparadors, we only include restaurants which we have been to ourselves (yes, there are alot and yes, we are fatter than we were when we started six years sago!) or reviews sent to us by friends and collaborators. We do not publish descriptionsor reviews of restaurants unknown to us, nor do we accept invitations from restaurantswishing to be reviewed. We never tell restaurant staff that we intend to include their restaurant in Euroresidentes, as we prefer to offer an unbiased opinion of a real customer experience.

We hope you find the informationuseful. Click on the links according to where in Spain you live or are visiting. We have divided the guide into areas rather than cities, so if you click on Madrid for example, some restaurants are actually in the city center and others in theregion. If you have visited any of the restaurants we mention and wish to share your opinion with us, send us an email and we will publish it in the forum.

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