Why walking is so beneficial to our health

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Going for a 30 minute walk a day can improve many aspects of our health.

Walking is a great way to exercise to keep fit, it is a low intensity exercise that people of all ages can do and that has many benefits for our health.

There are many ways to exercise and we should not give up exercise simply because we cannot do certain things.

For an exercise to be really effective, the most important thing is not the intensity, but the consistency and it must also be taken into account that the best exercise plan is the one that poses the least risk of injury to our body.

Walking is one of the best exercises we can practice.

The benefits of exercising

  • Low intensity exercise (like walking) it is ideal for all types of people, even for the most active in sports.
  • As we get moving we help our body to recover increasing blood and lymphatic flow around our muscle tissue.
  • Also, the act of walking is a relatively smooth movement so that it is not dangerous to practice it with mild muscle pain as it is very unlikely to make the problem worse.

The benefits of walking for our health

According to several studies it has been found that Walking has the same metabolic, anti-inflammatory and hormonal benefits as any other exercise, in addition to contributing to the prevention of all kinds of chronic diseases.

  • 1.- Long periods of low intensity exercise are better for our metabolic health than short and high intensity ones.

  • 2.- Walk helps improve our body's metabolic response to a meal (even if it is "unhealthy" food).

  • 3.- Walk 30 minutes after a meal improves blood sugar control in diabetic people.

  • 4.- Walking 30 minutes a day improves blood lipids as well as prevents inflammation.

  • 5.- It has also been shown that walking has mental health benefits of each individual.

We are not saying that walking will burn more calories than running. But If your plan is to lose weight, you should know that what exercise does is burn calories (not weight). The number of calories you burn with exercise is tiny compared to what your natural metabolic processes burn, and almost negligible compared to what you can eat.

The philosophy of "I can eat whatever I want and burn it on the treadmill later" is not an effective weight loss plan since burning calories is not why exercise helps you lose weight.

Exercise works to improve your metabolic health, reduce inflammation and keep the mind happy and at peace (qualities that we can acquire by walking or walking). The only thing that you surely won't get by walking is increasing your muscle mass. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you should include strength training in your daily exercise (in this case you can use walking as a recovery tool after exercise).

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