How to make paper butterflies fast and easy

Crafts: Paper butterflies to decorate

Tutorial to learn to do origami paper butterflies. It is a very simple craft that can be used to make a lot of things, decorate a wall, make a garland of butterflies, a beautiful painting, decorate a table for a special meal, decorate a little corner of the house, a flowerpot, a frame ... I'm sure you can think of a lot of other things….

Materials needed to make paper butterflies:

  • Sheets of colored or square white paper (if you don't have squares, cut out a sheet of paper to make it square)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Markers (optional, only if you want to give them your personal touch or have the children paint them)

How to make paper butterflies step by step:

  • We fold the paper first in the shape of a triangle (first on one side and then the other) and then a rectangle (the same, first on one side and then the other) to mark all the lines
  • Once we have all the lines marked, we press a little through the central area so that the lines that we have marked take shape, at first it takes the shape of a 4-pointed star but we continue pressing until we have a triangle shape, then we fold the triangle by the half and we are left with a smaller triangle.
  • With scissors we cut the beak to give the butterfly's wings a round shape (this step is optional, they are also very beautiful with the uncut wings)
  • We unfold and return to the shape of the large triangle
  • We put the beak facing up and fold one of the sides or flaps on each side up to shape the wings, the flaps will be like a mini heart
  • Flip the triangle so that the heart shape is behind and the peak of the triangle is now pointing down
  • Now fold up from the peak to the straight top of the triangle so that the peak of the triangle protrudes a little, fold that protruding peak
  • Now fold the triangle in half and if everything went well you will have your butterfly ready

Photos with the step by step to make the butterfly

In case it has not been clear you can also see a video tutorial to learn how to make this origami butterfly

You already tell me how they turned out

Happy day!

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