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Phrasesbelas for postais, cards and presents ...

When you really need a person, shout out loud, but not like your throat, just like your heart, you can't recognize it at a distance.

Aspessoas that we love, we never truly leave us, and we can always find them ... it is enough for us to heart.

Follow your sonhosaté onde the forem e to life he will teach you to live.

Don't ask or why do you do things, just let them happen.

Nãohá moments bons e ruins ... just inesquecíveis.

Nãohá fronteiras para o coração, pois for the people who love all vizinhas e sem muros.

For more ungrateful to life seja,
No matter how cruel or fate be,
Pormais difficult that or ideal seja,
Pois só assim teráo que se chama ...

Or what do we fear to fail our feelings?
Absolutely nothing ... just express them !!!

Avida teaches me and gives me different paths where I can continue ...
euaprendo e escolho by qual walk.

We think more about what to be ...
and we think that when we check in now
Deus não vai ver quem TEVE mais e sim quem FOI mais.

All problems, more or what difference?
Let somebody find a solution.

Otempo turns off the holidays, but not a great love.
At a distance, you separate bodies, but not two souls.

You prefer not to do something by erring and
ficar removing depois esseentimento,
or prefer to risk the same erring ter not minimum
to vagalembrança of what hair less tentou?

Meensinaram to persist and insist,
But I learned with myself that I never want to give up.

Love and sentiment that comforts, that completes, that brings happiness.
He who seeks a love, seeks someone who does not fear the same vices,
manias and defects; I want somebody who's here that the own person doesn't.

Olhopara behind to see how much eu andei,
Olho ao redor to know ondeestou,
Olho forward to continue,
And continuing I will check,
Eao chegar vou olhar backwards
E aí então ... recomeçar.

Because it doesn't exist or 'forever',
contudo I prefer to ignore
And swear to love you eternally.

Because it doesn't exist or 'forever',
contudo I prefer to ignore
And swear to love you eternally.

I hope that one day my plans will be clear,
I only hope you will be here for the day.

Hacoisas that only must be given when the olhos meet,
because they are hardly able to see without words
além of seuss meanings.

Avida does not give us problems, it gives us obstacles.
Nósque, in contrast to learning how them,
we transform you into problems.

In addition, we do not obey our vitórias,
We can be certain that we make history;
jamais esquecerei two days of glory !!!

Anything that goes to chama, there will always be a light.

Underthe sky, I close my eyes (Embaixo do céu, eu fecho meus olhos)
And Ican see your face im my mind. (I can see his face in my mind.)

What is worth living for and not being happy,
Are you happy, are you happy that we didn't buy?

Acada ​​stumble, um recomeço;
To each falha, an attempt;
Every defeat, uma luta;
To each barreira, an experience;
At each challenge, a learner;
At every difficult moment, a superaccion;
Every dream, a hope;
To each objective, one searches;
At each search, a descoberta;
And to each uncovered, a new reason to live!

Nãodeixe or medo de morrer be higher than vontade de viver!

We are less than human beings, we are greater than we are.

O Love is not weighed a balance and it is not measured with a phytometric.
O Love does not go away.

Umsonho does not end when we agree; ends when we want isso to happen,
Because it is possible to sound the same when we are agreed.

Osonho is not limited, nem is impossible.
Not so is credited and realized.

Osentimento de PENA makes it impossible for us to feel or gives COMPAIXÃO.

We are small details that have built great little buildings.

Asmais beautiful phrases of love sao ditas no silêncio de um olhar1 !!!(Fabio)

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