The 7 differences of Halloween to print

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Find the 7 differences in Halloween scenes

Preparing crafts for Halloween and coloring pages of Halloween we have prepared this game of 7 differences scenes. What will one cat have that the other does not? Or… Is the witch's hat the same in the two images? Print this Halloween hobby and enjoying with the little ones playing to find the differences is fun.

We can customize our Halloween hobbies once we have finished it. How? For example, we can make ghosts with glued cotton and sticker eyes. We can also personalize the witch's broom with wool, cut out the bat and make the template in eva rubber to later emboss it in the other drawing ... Taking one, cutting and enjoying the crafts we can have a halloween art print fun from the hobby.

How can you play the 7 differences several times? A trick to have the halloween prints of hobbies and we can use them several times during the days before Halloween is: IPrint the Halloween tab, we laminated it and… we played the 7 differences putting gommettes on each “difference”. This trick comes in handy for children's extracurricular activities, for when friends of your children come home ... We can print 5 or 6 different hobbies and they are interchanged. We take advantage of the resources !!

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