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The year ends. One stage closes and a new one begins.

I did not want to end this year without doing one last article on the most relevant posts of 2020. A summary of the most read articles that have accompanied us this year:

1. What do I do with my life. 7 thoughts to reflect on your life

I ask you 7 questions that will help you have a clearer picture of what you want in your life and what you expect from it.

2. 5 Tips to start 2020 (Or how to set New Year's resolutions and keep them)

5 Guidelines that you must follow so that this year your resolutions are not mere phrases on paper.

3. How to motivate people. 4 steps backed by science

A very well explained process about how to motivate the people around you and get the best out of them.

4. 8 Things to remember when everything goes wrong

Being positive when everything is fine is easy, but when is it not?

5. 10 Positive Thoughts for Life

A reminder that you should always carry with you everywhere.

I hope they are all as useful and practical as they were for me and for the rest of the people who have passed through here.

Fight for what you want, try to be happy in spite of everything and never never never stop believing in yourself. I wouldn't do it if I was you.

I wait for you next year for this blog. A huge greeting and goodbye, Andrea.

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