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The large number of links that Madrid has is not always an advantage to get cheap flights.

Tips for getting cheap flights in Madrid.

Links Madrid - Latin America. The company Iberia maintains a large number of connections and flights offer. However, other offers from competing Latin American companies can be consulted. It is the case of Argentinian airlines whose services have improved a lot, overcoming recent bumps.An excellent company with extraordinary quality and seriousness in its services is LanChile which, recently is making inroads into fares with some cheap flights. For the Central American Caribbean, flights with links from Miami with North American companies should not be ruled out. After the disappearance of Air Madrid, an important gap is created that at this time is not closed.

Links Madrid - Europe

. Here you have to contrast the availability of cheap flights of the companies that are breaking the market Ryanair. com, Easyjet, with the widest range of flights from Spanish companies that in some cases (Spanair ...) are trying to respond to these rates. The recent bet of EsayJet and Ryanair for Madrid makes it essential to consult the offers of these two airlines for any trip between Madrid and Europe.
For Europe these would be the airlines to visit

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