Ryanair offers free flights to ski areas

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According to an article published this week on cheapflights.co.uk, the well-known low-cost airline Ryanair is offering 'free' flights from British destinations to ski resorts for next winter, which means that passengers will only have to pay the fees. and corresponding taxes.

The offer is part of the launch of its largest winter flight program that will include a total of 58 routes from the United Kingdom to European airports close to ski slopes.

Destinations include Grenoble, Salzburg, Friedrichshafen, Turin, Milan and Barcelona, ​​and the flights on offer will depart from various UK airports such as London Stansted, Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle and Bournemouth.

Ryanair's Sinead Finn noted that major ski resorts such as Val D’Isere and Meribel can be accessed from Grenoble, while from Friedrichschafen, travelers can head to resorts in Switzerland and Austria, such as Davos, St Anton and Klosters.

According to her, the company is aware of an unprecedented demand for flights from the United Kingdom to ski resorts, which is why it has significantly increased both the number of destinations and departure airports.

Source: Cheap Flights News



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