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The Aquarius sign is friendly and caring, honest and totally loyal, original and bright

On this page we tell you more about Aquarians, personality of the sign, compatibility with other horoscopes, the secrets to conquer them, their virtues and strengths, their weaknesses, what to give to an Aquarius, what are their symbols ...


The symbol of Aquarius represents wisdom, it is represented by the bearer of water, which was a symbol that represented the diffusion of wisdom (water). Aquarius is a symbol that belongs to the Air element.

Are considered Aquarius those born between 20/1 - 18/2

Aquarius characteristics

Aquariums have astrong and attractive personality.

An Aquarius isfriendly and caring. He is honest and totally loyal, original and brilliant. An aquarium is independent and intellectual. They like to fight for good causes, dream and plan for a happy future, learn from the past, good friends and have fun ... learn more about the Aquarian personality

Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius is an original, innovative, independent sign, a good friend ... Signs, who seek leadership and security in their partner, have a good ally in Aquarius.

See the Compatibility of Aquarius with the other signs of the zodiac

How to conquer Aquarius

Aquarius is another of the complex signs when considering making him fall in love or seduce him. Everything you need to know about how to conquer an Aquarius man or woman

How is Aquarius in sex

This sign loves sex and radiates sexual energy. For these questions it is important to share intellect with those belonging to this sign ... more information about Aquarius and sex

What to give an Aquarius

Wanting to give a friend, family member or partner if your sign is Aquarius ... see more gifts for Aquarius

Aquarius symbols

As we have commented, its symbol is Water but there are more symbols that characterize Aquarius.

Famous characters who are Aquarius:

FranzSchubert, Alejandro Volta, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Felipe de Borbón, Rubén Darío, Lewis Carroll, Galileo and James Dean

Annual horoscope for the sign Aquarius

  • Aquarius 2020
  • Aquarius 2020
  • Aquarius 2020
  • Aquarius 2020
  • Aquarius 2020
  • Aquarius 2014
  • Aquarius 2013
  • Aquarius 2012
  • Aquarius 2011
  • Aquarius 2010
  • Aquarius 2009
  • Aquarius 2008
  • Aquarius 2007
  • Aquarius 2006
  • Aquarius 2005

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