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Possible copyright issues for Google from buying YouTubeAccording to an article published on October 13, 2006 by Reuters, the purchase of YouTube will serve to boost Google in the growing market for video advertisements, but it also makes it the heir to possible lawsuits from independent film production companies, television studios , etc. that they disagree with YouTube users uploading copyrighted material to the site without their permission. YouTube has been the center of much criticism from the industry for allowing its users to upload and view pirated video clips on its service; some have even compared it to the famous music file sharing service "Napster" (Reuters, 10/10/2006). According to legal experts, these artists and companies in the sector could see the purchase of Google as a new "pocket "Much broader for YouTube, both in trade deals and in the courtroom fight. According to Josh Bernoff, Vice President of Forrester Research, the purchase has been quite risky unless Google already has a solution to this problem. Otherwise you could be involved in a great legal battle. In anticipation of this, according to an article published on October 10, 2006 on BBC News, YouTube has already announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Universal Music Group that will protect the rights of the record label's artists. In addition, YouTube claims to have reached an agreement with CBS to offer short-slot programming on its website that will include news, sports and entertainment, and Google has signed distribution agreements with, Sony BMG and Warner Music to offer music videos. These agreements will allow Internet users in the US to view Google Video, music videos, artist interviews and other materials from these companies for free starting this month. In addition, Google will offer the ability to purchase the download of Warner Music music videos at a price of $ 1.99 each.
Google buys YouTube for $ 1.65 billion

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