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Self-drying swimsuit

It appears that the fabric used to make the suit sheds water as naturally as skin. When leaving the sea or a swimming pool, all the water that remains on its surface forms drops and slides immediately.

According to its manufacturers, the suit takes only an instant to be completely dry.
The technology works by allowing water to pass through the fabric, rather than absorbing it inside. Thanks to it, bathers can now lie on the beach without the annoying feeling of having their swimsuit cold, wet and heavy.

The Sun Dry Swim fabric has been developed by Solestrom International, a pioneer company in swimwear with built-in UV protection.

The fabric has a mesh around each fiber, invisible to the naked eye, but creating a material that repels water permanently without interfering with the knitting of the fabric.

This way, the material does not soak up the liquid, although the fabric maintains its appearance and performs like a top quality swimwear fabric.
Amy Hardin of Sun Dry noted: “The nanotechnology treatment, similar to that used to make fabrics resistant to splashes or stains, is environmentally friendly and water-based.

“Sportswear fabrics that repel water seem somewhat unusual at first, but they really make sense: why wear a bathing suit that absorbs water, keeps it close to the skin, and stays wet for a period of time?”, added.

According to her, these new fabrics are ideal for children who continually enter and exit the water when they are in the pool or on the beach.

Source: The Telegraph

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