6 surprising benefits of showering with cold water

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6 reasons why taking cold showers benefits our physical and mental health

Surely more than one of us has run out of hot water ever due to being the last one in the shower, or because the butane ran out ...

Regardless of the reason, most of us don't see a cold shower as something to do for fun, rather we would do it in case there is no other option.

Well, Because taking cold showers has healthy benefits, both physically and mentally, which we will try to summarize below to try to change our opinion and predisposition to take them:

1.- Cold showers improve our mood and attention

The idea of ​​feeling the cold water running down our skin in the morning when we just woken up, sounds more terrifying than pleasant. But the deep breathing that our body uses to keep the body warm against the shock of cold water, increases the amount of oxygen we breathe in, which increases our heart rate.

Result: an oxygenated and energized body for the rest of the day.

2.- Cold showers are very good for our skin and hair

When it comes to skin and hair, one of the most natural ways to maintain your youthful appearance is through cold showers.

Hot water has a tendency to dry out our skin, while cold water makes it firm, thus preventing it from clogging, falling ...

3.- Cold showers burn fat and help you lose weight

There are two types of fat in your body: white fat and brown fat. Bad fat is white while brown fat is good. Brown fat is responsible for generating heat to keep our body warm.

Well then when brown fat kicks in due to the extreme cold of the shower, burns calories to keep the body warm contributing to weight loss (Ideal if we are in the middle of a diet or exercise trying to lose weight and burn fat).

4.- Cold showers strengthen our immune system and improve circulation

Cold showers speed up our metabolism helping us lose weight (as we said in the previous point). This acceleration of metabolism activates our immune system, which releases white blood cells responsible for fighting possible viruses, helping us get sick less often.

The cold showers tThey also increase blood circulation, helping us prevent hypertension or possible hardening of the arteries.

5.- Cold showers speed up the recovery process after exercising

Athletes take ice cold baths after their workouts to reduce muscle pain and speed up the recovery process.

6.- Cold showers help relieve stress

Jump into the shower without letting it heat up, or run into the sea water without letting the body acclimate in time, it can help improve our tightening, increasing our tolerance to stress, and even disease.

A study carried out in 1994 showed a drastic drop in uric acid levels in the body during and after exposure to cold stimuli.

The study also showed an increase in glutation in the body during exposure to cold stimuli, an antioxidant that ensures that all other antioxidants work properly.

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