7 Keys to increase the mother-child bond

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There are many investigations that have found a correlation between mother-child attachment and later better psychological and social development.

  • Babies who connect securely with their mothers are more self-reliant children with a better sense of self-worth.
  • They also suffer from less stress, have greater success in life, and better personal relationships.

Babies can develop a loving relationship with several people but develop a closer relationship with one person. Usually this person is the one who is primarily in charge of her care and with whom the baby spends most of her time.

Do you know how to promote the mother-child bond?
Here we give you 7 keys to do it:

  • 1. Encourage skin-to-skin contact and eye contact. And if for some reason it is not possible, contact him through touch or voice. Pet the baby and talk to him.

  • 2. Take advantage of the moment to feed the baby. Whether you choose breastfeeding or bottle feeding, feeding is a moment of intimate contact that promotes bonding by allowing you to observe your facial expressions and feel your body language, as well as providing your baby with a feeling of comfort and confidence.

  • 3. Bath time is also a good time to bond with your baby.

  • 4. Use of a baby carrier. With this method, the bond between mother and baby is also increased, and in addition the father can also participate in this physical connection with the child.

  • 5. Put the baby to bed in the same room as the mother. It is recommended that the baby sleeps in his own crib, although there is also the possibility of sharing the bed with his parents. It is what is known as co-sleeping, for which there are detractors and defenders. You must know the benefits and risks in each case, and choose the option that best suits us.

  • 6. A baby's cry is their way of communicating. It is important to listen to it and know how to interpret it in order to respond appropriately. When a baby is cared for, the bond with its parents grows.

  • 7. Talk and sing to the baby. Respond to the signals he communicates with such as their smiles and gurgles. This will stimulate their attention and promote the bond.

Faced with all these keys it is important to know that balance and limits are important. It should not be forgotten that the desire to take care of the baby should not lead to neglect of one's own needs and those of the couple, since otherwise it will be necessary to modify the strategy that is being followed.

An example of the wonderful bond that exists between a mother and her child as soon as he is born.

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