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How do you know if a love is real and it is not in your imagination, in your desires or it is simply a wrong perception? Sometimes we believe we are in love with one person and the irruption of another collapses our feelings and our perception changes radically ...

How to identify real love, true love

We are going to give you some tips so that you can identify if a love is real, or is something called to be ephemeral or temporary ... All the people who have truly emanated know what a real love is, or in other words, a "love true ”, as others prefer to call it. However, many young people confuse real love with a summer love, sex with love, etc.

We are going to try to identify a real love, a true love of something that is called to be fleeting or insignificant. Five clues:

1. Mental alienation. That is, disturbances of consciousness, intelligence and will. It is the first serious symptom of falling in love. When you truly fall in love, you lose track of reality. The mind is unable to think coldly and clearly, even the intelligence goes to a second term, hence it is said that it is the "heart" that is in charge. Ortega y Gasset, the great Spanish philosopher astutely asserted that falling in love "is a state of transitory stupidity." But what is it that makes this state of transitory imbecility that occurs at the beginning turn into a true love, more rational and conscious and lasting over a longer period of time?
2. The total attraction. We call "total attraction" to physical attraction and to "personal" in general. From the first we are attracted by a series of physical features, it is linked to sexual attraction. The second attracts us the person, their way of being, the way we communicate, we reciprocate, we share, we suffer, we love, we coexist ... These factors play in the longer term, and make the state of "temporary imbecility" move on to other phases of "maturity of love." Hence, for some loves it is convenient to subject them to the passage of time and see how they evolve. That is, if it happens as with good wines, which win over time or, on the contrary, if they are bad wines, they are punctured and spoiled.
3. The depth of your feelings. It is difficult to “measure” the feelings of a person, but generally when we have a “great love”, a true love, we develop new feelings, we bring out the best in ourselves, we are more generous, and with this increases our sense of happiness and fullness.
4. "The love of my life is only you." Yes, exclusivity. Generally a real and true love is usually exclusive. There is no room for more people. The person we really love, no matter what reality, is the only one for us: the most beautiful, the ugliest, the dumbest, the smartest… that's all.
5. "I can't live without you." Wanting to be with that person continuously. It is another of the "symptoms", having the feeling that nothing matters (work, family, etc.) and that the most important thing in your life is that person.

How love evolves (Real love to heartbreak. From summer love to true love)

Love has no rules. Every time the spark between two people jumps, they re-sell it and mold it in thousands of different ways. So it is important to be aware that love evolves. Sometimes two people meet and nothing or almost nothing happens. Something that is called to be temporary, begins to evolve and with the passage of time it becomes a deep, solid, passionate, incredible love, made to measure for the two protagonists.

On the contrary, loves that are born with the greatest passion, alienation, depth of feelings, attraction, etc., etc. and over time they become routine and something insignificant.

So be clear that for real and true love there are no written rules, these are reinvented every time the magic of love between two people occurs.

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