Is there love at first sight?

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If we haven't experienced it, we may have heard other people talk about the “love at first sight” phenomenon.

  • Exists?

Yes exists.

It happens when you meet a person in any situation who has all your criteria subconscious. The criteria that we see of that person and by which we fall in love at first sight are the physical and gestural.

  • How do I know if a girl meets my criteria if I have never talked to her before?

The answer, right now:
The criteria are from the subconscious and are in accordance with the personality of each one, they include elements such as the way of walking, look, smile, tone of voice ...

Love at first sight can also happen if the actions of the person in question make you they remember to a loved one.
People often fall in love with people similar to those you have already loved.

  • Can I fall in love at first sight?

Yes, your criteria are highly dependent on looks, then the chance of falling in love at first glance it will be much older than that of a person who prioritizes personality and other qualities.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Have you experienced love at first sight? Would you like to experience it?

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