Ten Ways Nanotechnology Can Save Your Life

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Nanotechnology.com has presented an important white paper for journalists, interviewers and expert researchers in television, radio, internet and print media, as well as for investors and other interested persons.

The ten forms cited in the document are largely related to nanomedicine, they are:

  1. A faster and more accurate medical diagnosis.
  2. Therapies that attack the disease, not the body.
  3. Safer and more accurate MRI imaging for a more accurate diagnosis.
  4. Better protection against infections
  5. More powerful antibiotics
  6. A more precise and less invasive surgery
  7. Safer drinking water
  8. Best nutritional supplements
  9. Better UV protection
  10. Cleaner and less contaminated surfaces.

Source: E-Media-Wire, “10 Ways Nanotech May Save Your Life” Is Now Available. Access to the original document at nanotechnology.com.

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