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Tips for prepare and celebrate a birthday

How to remember the birthday dates of family, friends, colleagues ...?

The most practical and simple thing is to use the phone's agenda, program your mobile phone to remind you the day before and activate the alarms so that your mobile phone will notify you of your commitments ... On the other hand, it may be useful to discreetly find out the birthday date of a person ... and the tastes and preferences of each zodiac sign.

If your family and friends are in a social network you will surely get a notice that that person has a birthday, but it usually leaves the same day and you have little margin if you want to prepare something special.

Ideas to celebrate birthday

send one nice postcard, you can choose to send a virtual postcard or virtual birthday card. Another option is to share a photo with a nice message, in this blog you can find some images to share on facebook

PresentsPerhaps you want to buy original gifts from outside of Spain, your country, or something exotic that is not easy to find in Spanish stores.

See the gifts of each zodiac sign as a curiosity.

Party (preparations). There are many places where you will get everything done ... Why not surprise the person you meet. See: Tricks and preparations for a thousand birthday parties for adults. children, teenagers ...

Special foods for the day, charming recipes.

I say write nice things. We have selected some for you original birthday phrases. Too: Poems, quotes, verses for everyone. We have selected some poems to make it easier for you to write or say beautiful things: We propose this message from Neruda: Be happy and not die slowly ... and many more.

Free ideas for surprises. A birthday is an act of affection or affection towards the person on his most special day in which we celebrate his arrival in the world. Discover personal things (starting with the date of their birth, by the way, what sign of the zodiac are you ...?, Details, tastes, hobbies, their fond memories. Surely there will be something else on the card or gift you make: a sincere interest and honest towards that person Or maybe you can throw a very fun birthday.

A hotel? A trip to Spain? We recommend: Paradores.

Birthday cakes.

The origin of tradition Reading by David C. Pack. ... What about those who have a birthday on February 29 of a leap year ...



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