Finish the home decor with small details

Once the walls are painted and the furniture is in place, you might think that the room is ready, but it is the final touches that make an interior stand out and make the difference between a house that has simply been decorated and one that is ready to go. enter to live in it.

Faucets, doorknobs, and hangers are usually close at hand or at eye level, which means they're the first thing a visitor or prospective buyer sees, so it's worth spending some time and money choosing the right ones.

Light switches: there is also a great variety; They are made of leather, glass, wood, chrome, bronze or Bakelite, and with matching plugs. The white plastic ones are cheaper, but the others will give a more special air to the room. Glass ones look great on wallpaper, chrome ones go well with kitchen taps, and leather ones would look great in a study.

Door knobs: they are another detail that can make a difference. There are dozens of styles, from leather handles to antique brass knobs. And if you don't like any, some stores will allow you to design them to your liking in a variety of finishes, such as pewter or iron.

Faucets - There are many types, so you'll need to do a little research to find the right ones for your bathroom or kitchen. Among the most surprising options, for example, there are taps that light up pink or blue depending on the water temperature.

Lamp Power Pull - There is no excuse for having a hideous piece of white plastic as a pull for a piece of string, because there is a wide range of decorative pulls prepared for that purpose. There are beautiful chains with glass, wood or brass knobs. You can even make your own with a curtain tassel, which will work just as well and add a luxurious touch to the room.

Coat Rack - Combine hangers with storage space to easily keep your home tidy. There are shelf organizers that allow you to store keys, phones and sunglasses while hanging coats and umbrellas.

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