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Google Launches Web History Tool In UK

According to an article published this month in The New York Times, Google has made the Web History tool available to its users in the UK.

This tool, launched in the US in April, allows users to find Web sites they have previously visited, as well as edit or delete items from their Web history. In any case, it is an optional service.

The launch is part of a much broader personalized search initiative by Google that the company's own global privacy advisor, Peter Fleischer, has acknowledged could increase privacy-related complaints.

"Personalized searches pose privacy concerns," Fleischer commented earlier this year in the Financial Times. “In order for them to work, search engines must be able to access a user's web search history. And there are many people who may prefer not to share that information because they consider it too personal. For them, the improvements in the results offered by personalized searches do not compensate for the 'cost' of having to reveal their Web history ”.

In addition, Google uses the information collected from users' search histories for commercial purposes.

Fleischer claimed that Google can solve this problem by asking users whether or not they want to participate in the service when they open an account.

Source: New York Times

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