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Tips for traveling to England

The UK is full of pretty towns, charming towns. Traveling through the English villages - there are really cheap B&B formulas - is a real pleasure. It involves a reunion with nature, traditions, rural activities on farms, etc.

English villages: charm, tradition, nature

We do not intend to make a Guide to towns in the United Kingdom, our intention is to describe some English towns with the aim of drawing attention to the enormous tourist attraction, the charm of their traditions and, especially the quality of life that in most of these areas you can enjoy. Traveling in summer is delicious. Temperatures, which for the most part tend to be between 15º and 25º, make the enjoyment of nature, the landscape, the villages a delightful climate ...

Guide to the towns of England

This guide to towns is not intended to be representative of the prettiest, most interesting towns, or with a more relevant heritage. Its objective is not other than to invite potential travelers to discover a truly interesting world that can be mixed with many purposes (work, learning English, etc.). Here is our guide to beautiful little towns in England:

  • Castle Combe: A really pretty little town. Some qualify it as the most beautiful town in England.

  • Fowey: Coastal town that inspired writers and that maintains a large part of its traditional fishing village flavor.

  • Wellow

    A normal town in England, if it is here, is an example that any town in the UK can be a discovery and something special.

  • Buxton

    If you have Oxford, Cambridge, Bath or London on your list to learn English, congratulations, they are magnificent cities. The only problem is that you might coincide with hundreds or thousands of students of the same nationality. That is not the case in Buxton.

  • Brampton

    It is a small and modest town, but from there you can practice hiking following Hadrian's wall and it has jewels like the FarlamHall Hotel.

Useful tips for traveling to towns - United Kingdom

  • Buy in the Farm Shop of the towns: It is definitely the way to try organic (ecological) products from the farms near the towns. They are usually products (meat, eggs, dairy products, vegetables ...) of high quality.

  • Bed & Breakfast: It is an ideal formula, since there are many B&B sites spread throughout the United Kingdom, by towns, at prices, in many cases, attractive. See more tips in Bed and Breakfast Guide in England.

  • Rural houses near the villages: It is the best option if you want to enjoy a fixed point of residence and know a specific area more thoroughly. It allows you to better enjoy life in the country with your family. See England Country Houses.

  • Drive through villages and narrow country lanes

    When traveling through towns and rural areas we will often come across very narrow roads. Apart from drive on the left -As much as we can- and do it with caution, in the event of finding vehicles in the opposite direction, the locals tend to be very understanding and will circulate to a point where both vehicles can pass.

  • Pubs in the villages for lunch and dinner, even sleeping

    A good option that is usually cheap and allows us to try local specialties. See Pubsen England.

  • Customs of the English peoples

    Be open to English customs. Don't be surprised to walk into a church and be offered a coffee or tea in the morning (Coffee morning).

  • Domestic animals

    In almost all farms it is possible to find cows, chickens, horses, pigs, sheep, but it is also possible to find other imported animals: ex. calls. Some farms and cottages allow children to help with farm chores, and learn about domestic animals

  • Wild animals

    Unfortunately, the roads give a good account of the animals that are killed by vehicles: deer, foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs, pheasants, etc. It is very common to find them in many areas of the United Kingdom: Ride with caution on the roads, avoid being hit and enjoy nature.

  • Landscapes and natures

    Traveling through the villages implies enjoying the most beautiful landscapes and nature that in some months of the year manifests itself in its maximum splendor. In some cases, for example the Lake District, Scotland (I will travel Scotland), nature takes on an extraordinary level of majesty.

  • Look for something special in each of the towns

    Yes, each town tends to stand out because of something special, no matter how small, it is very implicit in these English communities no matter how small; try to find out. If we have left something, look at Rural Tourism in England.

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