13 common decorative mistakes to avoid

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In this post I will try to list a series of common mistakes in decorating a house.Surely you have made one or more of these mistakes (like me) but I trust that, being aware of these tips, you will not make them again!

Common decorative mistakes or errors:

  1. Abusing cushions
    Cushions are supposed to add comfort to a home. When there are too many on a sofa (for example) it is uncomfortable and there is hardly room to sit.
    The solution is not to remove them all, but you can put a limit of 2-3 per sofa.
  2. Not checking the paint color
    Before painting a wall in one color, do a test run with a sample. The colors of the paint can change remarkably both with drying, as with the time of day and the light that enters the house ... To avoid painting an entire house in the wrong color, we can paint a square on the wall and leave it there for at least least 24 hours before making the final decision.
  3. Buy cheap furniture
    It can be tempting to buy cheap furniture for several obvious reasons, but the truth is that what you save on the purchase of the furniture, you often lose in quality.
    Note: This does not mean that you should invest more money in better brands, but in better quality.
  4. Buy antiques based on the value they will have in a few yearsWe should avoid buying antique furniture simply because we think it will gain in value over time. There is no way to have a guarantee that a piece of furniture will increase in value, therefore, it is more convenient that you spend your money on furniture that you like.
  5. Not taking into account our lifestyleFor a family that likes to play with their pets, put their feet up, and dine watching TV from the sofa, the optimum in this case would be a durable, stain resistant and comfortable sofa. This example is applicable to any piece of furniture in any room in the house.
  6. Using too many large plants
    Plants are important and every room should have at least two of them, but if we plant many or large ones, they will take up space. It is good to take a little time to select plants with an optimal size and color so that they decorate without disturbing.
  7. Being too monochrome
    Decorating in one color can be boring. If you want your house to have a neutral aspect, it is perfectly understandable, but you should try to follow these rules:
  8. Abusing wood tonesIt is good to have wood tones in the rooms but it is important that we do not abuse them. Try to keep the colors of a room in the same tone but with different colors.
  9. Abusing large photos
    If you like to show your family photos it is perfectly reasonable and there is no reason why you should remove them, what you should avoid is putting excessively large photos with family portraits, pregnancies ... This could make the guests feel uncomfortable. We can be surrounded by photos of our loved ones but in a stylish and less intrusive way.
  10. Use sheets (or others) to avoid stains on the sofa
    If you live in a house where someone is likely to stain something, it is best to have furniture that is resistant to stains, or that can be easily cleaned from its covers.
  11. Decorate too fast
    It is not possible to decorate a room well in one day. It is better to take the time to decide what we need, look for what we want and not make decisions in a hurry. Rooms evolve over time so don't be obliged to finish it as soon as possible.
  12. Treat each room separately rather than all as a whole
    A house is an entire unit made up of different rooms. These rooms (which do not have to be alike) should be related to each other. Try to coordinate certain styles and colors (up to a point) to unify the house.
  13. Use inappropriate light shades
    Light is considered by many to be the most important element in a room. Make sure to place lights around the house until you have the right mix of light

I hope that with these tips, you can have a much more comfortable and livable home. A greeting!

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