8 ideas to duplicate (for free) the clothes in your closet

In a time when fashion is everything, who wouldn't want to have endless pieces of clothing? As that is very difficult, both because of the pasta and because of the space it would occupy in the closet, here are some tricks so that with the same clothes you have, it seems that you have three times as much.

There they go:

  • Use a sports bra like Crop top: Put under a jumpsuit or as a top combined with shorts or a skirt.
  • Maxi-midi skirt as dress: Ideally, one that has an elastic waistband so that it can adapt to your upper body.
  • Convert a dress into a shirt, combining it with pants:Grab a flowy dress and mix it up with either wide leg pants or skinny pants to your liking.

  • Wearing a scarf as if it were a top:This is a very recurring and very easy idea. You can use it as a simple top tied around your neck, or as a wide shirt-cape, finishing the look with a belt at the waist
  • Wear a vest as a top:It will give you a masculine and elegant touch.

  • Use a cardigan as a shirt:With tight pants, leggings or tights.
  • Tandem dress + skirt:Choose a dress that is not extremely thick fabric and add a skirt of another color.
  • Use a jacket as a dress:Crossing it and putting a hook or using a belt.

Can you think of more ideas to expand your wardrobe without spending money? Let us know! 😉

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