Atom vs. RSS: Big interests continue to divide the market.

As everyone knows, the new version of Blogger was launched by its new owner Google last week, and most experts who have spoken in the specialized media agree that it presents a more attractive and clean interface, in addition to functions than before. did not offer. However, many continue to regret the fact that Google did not accept Dave Winer's offer to make RSS and Atom compatible, to make things easier for users of the syndication system.

With the new version of Blogger, Google continues with its commitment to Atom, at the expense of Winer's RSS system that has already been adopted by various news agencies and media, web pages, bloggers, university networks etc ...

The incompatibility of the two systems, the long-time adoption of RSS by many sites, and the few apparent comparative advantages of atom over RSS have led to free services like this being offered to convert an atom-type URL to a-type URL. rss. This allows you to enter the feeds that read xml (the only disadvantage of this service, which we use to offer this blog, is that it does not recognize accents or enyes).

Presumably until the great struggle between the galactics Internet - Microsoft, Google, Yahoo especially - will not get to bury the ax and create compatible products that favor the user who does not want to heat his head with various non-comptabile systems to do the same function. This interesting article describes the current struggle on the issue of search engines. Much has been written on this subject in recent weeks, since Google announced its imminent IPO and Microsoft recognized that it was already focusing its objectives on creating a personalized search engine that one day will be able to displace Google.

Finally we have found this blog interesting about the application of RSS and Blogs in Education. It is in English - we will look at some especially interesting content to include here soon.

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