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Roman male name of Latin origin, from the gentilicio "romanus"which means natural of Rome; its meaning is"He who belongs to Rome".

History and the Saint

Saint Roman, abbot. He studied in the schools of Lyon, in the monastery of Aynay, and then went to Gaul, settling in Condat; in the Jura mountains. After several years his brother Lupicino joined and they founded the Condat Monastery; then it is called: Monastery of San Claudio the one destined for men and Monastery of Beame the one destined for women.

His saint is celebrated on February 28.

Other Santos Román: Saint Roman, monk is celebrated on April 3, Saint Roman, martyr on September 13.

Variant of Roman

Roman variant Roman.

Roman in other languages:

  • Catalan: Rome.
  • French: Romain.
  • English: Roman.
  • Italian: Roman.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Roman

  • Romande la rose, medieval poem written in French in 1237, has 22,000 paired verses, it is a dream allegory in the tradition of courtly love. Work by Guillaume de Loris (the first 4.00 lines) and by Jean de Meun the rest.
  • Ramon Polanski, was born in Paris in 1933; Director and film actor. I get to fame thanks to "The seed of the devil", 1968 and Chinatown, 1974.
  • Juan roman riquelme, was born in Buenos Aires in 1978; soccer player, one of the most prominent soccer figures of the 90s.

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