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Who has not heard jokes of this type that talk about lovers and horns, we will make a compilation with the best jokes of and for lovers.


  • -What is the difference between a girlfriend, a lover, and a wife when it comes to making love? -The girlfriend says: -Ayyy it hurts! The lover says: -Ayyy what a pleasure! And the wife says: -You have to paint the ceiling!
  • -Three mothers meet and start talking about their children:
  • One of them says: My son is the best lawyer in Paris. - Oh mine is the best doctor in Paris. - My son is not very successful professionally because he is homosexual, but his two lovers are the best doctor and lawyer in Paris.
  • -A woman takes off all her clothes and says to her husband: my love, I want you to do mischief to me… -and the husband hides his clothes.
  • -Among friends: - Well, I like men like coffee. - Ya, dark, strong and hot. - No, four times a day!
  • -A husband finds his wife naked and the husband tells her: why are you naked if I buy you clothes every day? the husband goes to the closet and says: 1 dress, 2 dresses, 3 dresses, gentleman permission, 4 dresses, 5 dresses.
  • -What is the difference between the lover and the wife? -30 kilos.
  • -Two friends are going down the street, when suddenly one of them stops and exclaims: -Great! My wife and my lover come here chatting together! His friend looks at him with a stunned face and says: "Wow!" I was just going to say the same!
  • -What is the difference between the lover and the husband? -30 minutes.

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