Young leaders of advances in biotechnology and medicine

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The third category of the 100 Young Leaders from MIT Technology Review is biotechnology and medicine. Some of the most exciting technological advances within these specialties according to Technology Review are electronic healthcare, synthetic biology and ultrasensitive diagnostics.

Some of the most outstanding young leaders:

Ryan egeland, 29. Director and co-founder of Oxamer. Egeland has achieved a huge decrease in the cost of manufacturing a DNA microchip. Before this process cost hundreds of dollars. But by combining microfluidics, computer control, and an innovative application of electrochemistry, Egeland has managed to lower the cost to just a few dollars.

Colin Hill, 32. Co-founder and CEO of Gene Network Sciences. Four out of five new drugs fail human trials. Hill aims to change this, with a new system that uses computer models of human cells to test and verify the effectiveness of new medicines. Hill foresees great scientific advances in medicine: "I envision a future in which physicians will be able to measure molecular activity in the body, enter this information into a computer, and determine the appropriate treatment for their patient."

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