Letter from Santa Claus to print

Letter from Santa Claus pdf

How have you behaved this year? How many gifts will Santa bring you?
Sure you have behaved very well and surely Santa Claus is going to bring you a lot of gifts this Christmas, but there is one important thing to do and that is to write him the letter to tell him everything, that he knows how good we have been and the gifts that we want, so don't wait any longer and download your letter to write to santa claus and keep you well informed.

If your little one still can't read or write, you can write the letter to Santa Claus by drawing pictures or cutting out the toys he wants from the catalogs and sticking them on the letter.

What are you waiting for, print the super letter for Santa Claus 🙂

To download the file you can click on the menu or on the following link:

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