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The importance of details

Who does not like details? If you want to impress a person, don't spend money, but have details that show your intelligence and your ability to seduce. To have details of good taste you have to know the person well (for whom) with which you want to have the details and dedicate yourself to thinking the what, how and when

The four are closely related. For example, him than it will depend a lot on for whom and the when. A woman is not the same as a man, a mature woman than a young woman. An anniversary is not the same as a detail the day after having been with someone for dinner or at their home. How is also important, it is not the same to take the flowers in person than to order them from a florist.

Details: the what:

What gift? What can you like? The Golden rule number 1: To have good details you have to pay attention and try to know the person you are trying to look good with. The more you know about that person, the more chances there are to get it right

Details: the how

The way the detail is done is also important. Sometimes send a message Each night saying "Good night" in an original way has more value than an occasional bouquet of flowers. Even 12 roses delivered one by one can have a different impact than 24 by florist delivery. Sometimes the detail of accompanying a successful note, accompanying the element of surprise, the atmosphere that is created around detail, expectations, etc. they are very important, sometimes decisive.

Rule 2: Study well the "how"It is usually as important as the than.

Details: when:

Encouraging the person to be in a certain situation can be decisive. Find and plan the right time, not the one that suits you but the right one for the person to whom you are going to give the detail.

Rule 3: Plan in great detail the when.

The best details to fall in love:

The best details are (or usually are):

  • Simple
  • Imaginative original
  • Timely
  • Very special for the person for whom they are intended
  • Emotional
  • Elegant
  • Attractive
  • Inspired, an indicator of the intelligence of the one who has the detail ...

Combine these ingredients and you will have the perfect detail for the person to whom they are directed.

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