Dakota Johnson Horoscope: Energetic and Sensual

Dakota johnson, whose full name isDakota mayi johnson is a young model and film and television actress, who has just come to the fore, for having been chosen as the protagonist of the role of Anastasia Steele, in the controversial and successful Best Seller Fifty Shades of Grey. It has become famous for the series Ben and kate (2012-2013) 
TV: Enterteiment Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ben and Kate and The Office.
Movie theater: Crazy in Alabama, The Social Network, All That Glitters, Bestial, Edna Sands Theo, So Yong Kim, Goats, 21 Jump Street, The Five Years Engagement, Gay Amigo, Need for Speed, Fifty Shades of Gray (2014), William Schakespeare Cymbeline.
Awards: Miss Golden Globes 2006.
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Date of birth ofDakota johnson: 10/4/1989 in Austin, Texas, USA

Zodiac sign of Dakota johnsonLibra

The horoscope ofDakota johnson: it isLibraDakota johnson He was born in Austin into a family of actors. She is the only daughter born of the marriage between Melanie Griffith and Don johnson. He has 6 stepbrothers: 2 from his mother (Stela del Carmen Banderas, Alexander Bauer) and 4 from his father (Jasper Johnson, Atherton Grace Johnson, Deacon James Johnson, Jesse Johnson). His grandfather Peter griffith (Melanie's father) was an actor and later an advertising executive and her maternal grandmother Tippi Hedren, actress. His stepfather is Antonio Banderas, With whom he has been living since he was 6 years old and gets along very well.

Having been born into such a family and moving in this environment, it is not surprising that cinema is in his blood. He graduated from high school in the Aspen Community School. From the age of 12 she was also in love with the world of fashion and the catwalk and when she finished the Institute, at the age of 18 she started working for the Models Agency IMG Models. Did the jeans ad for MANGO in his 2009 campaign. At the same time, he enrolled in a Los Angeles School of Interpretation. When he finished he offered himself to the Actors AgencyWilliam Morris Agency, to start working as an actress.

Dakota johnson She is hyperactive, hard-working, likes to do many things at the same time, if she is not bored. He is a perfectionist in everything he does, not stopping until it is perfect. She has a very nice character, is always smiling and is very practical. He has something wild about it (his mother's words) and when he is clear about it, he launches himself without giving it any further thought. What people like is his kind, warm, close character and his naturalness. So are the Libras. She enjoys what she does. Then it is very easy for him to relate to others and empathize. She is an intelligent woman, has very clear ideas since childhood and is very good at communicating with others.

Despite his young age, only 22 years old, he has earned the respect of his colleagues for his well-performed work and for his great professionalism. As is logical, she has played many supporting actress roles, because her young age has not given for more, but the last works, she has already played leading roles with great success. She is open to everything and ready to carry out any interesting project. The surprise was to get the role protagonist of Fifty Shades of Gray. It will be a real highlight in her career to become the image of Anastasia Steele, after the great worldwide repercussion that this trilogy has had. Because of your Libra character, it gives the feeling of having everything under control and making those who work with her feel safe. She is a very dynamic woman. He has tact with people and knows how to impose himself with diplomacy, it is one of the traits of his Libra sign.

Dakota johnson he is easy to organize, has mental agility and perfectly controls his professional life. You know exactly what you want to do and what you are not interested in doing. As a good PR, he relates very well with people and maintains an excellent relationship with his colleagues and everyone who is related to his work.

As a good Libra, l is very important to herto justice and he considers it a fundamental part of our lives, trying to enforce the Law in its proper measure and from his position to help others.

Libras are very conceited and their image is very important to them. Dakota has a very good type. She is pretty, blonde, with blue eyes, a sweet smile, is tall and has class. He always dresses impeccably, whether he is sporting or dressing up. It is clear that he has inherited the style of his mother, whom he looks a lot like. It transmits positive energies. Libras are balanced, take good care of their diet and do sports daily. They do not conceive of giving a bad image or being fat or badly groomed. They are neat, elegant, neat and attentive. Dakota has very good friends, whom she has known since childhood. Their friends know they can count on them.

With his private life he is very discreet, which considering the family to which he belongs, must be quite difficult. Libras are very romantic and detailed. They love to give gifts. If they are without a partner, they flirt a lot, because they love the game of seduction. They have a hard time finding their better half because they have fixed ideas and if it is not someone with those traits, they do not like it. Also, it is difficult for them to make decisions and they think about everything a lot. When they are already married, they do not seek more, because they are satisfied with their decision. At the moment Dakota He is not married, but is romantically involved with musician Noah Gersh. To know more about Libra see:Libra Characteristic.

Compatibility ofDakota johnson with other signs:Dakota johnson how Libra iscompatible with: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini, and with people of the same Libra sign they are greatly attracted. On the other handDakota Johnson would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo; with Pisces and regular Aries.

Other details of interest aboutDakota johnson and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofDakota johnson would be POPE, respect and obedience to power and God, to the established order ... (See:Letter from the Pope)
  • The number ofDakota johnson is he5 it is a traveling spirit, action, freedom ... See: Meaning ofnumber 5, Numerology)
  • Margin information: Dakota and Charlie Hunnam share the same Tarot card, The Pope, and the same number, 5.
  • The Chinese Horoscope ofDakota johnson is theSNAKE is wisdom, elegance, intuition ... (See: Meaning ofSNAKE of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofDakota johnson is helight blue, light green and pastel colors.
  • The Element ofDakota johnson: it isAir.
  • The planet ofDakota johnson it isVenus.
  • The stone ofDakota johnson it isDiamond, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli.
  • The Twitter ofDakota johnson it is:

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