David Ferrer's horoscope: with claw and strength

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David ferrer, whose full name isDavid Ferrer Ern, is a Spanish tennis player. Currently, in 2013 it is4th in the ATP. Sea has kept the among the Top 20 best in the last 8 seasons and in 4 of them he ranked among the best 4. It is considered one of the best receivers of the entire circuit. His fans call himFerru.
Honors: final Roland Garros 2013 (Nadal), finalMiami Masters 2013, finalShanghai Masters 2011, finalMonte Carlo Masters 2011, finalRome Masters 2010, Masters 1000 at the Paris Masters 2012, 7 ATP 500 titles and 12 ATP 250 titles, 3 Davis Cup of the Spanish team of which he was part 2008, 2010, 2011. In 2012 he was the tennis player with the most titles. It has 20 singles titles, 2 doubles and 18 finals.

Date of birth ofDavid ferrer04/02/1982, in Jávea, Alicante, Spain

Zodiac sign ofDavid ferrer: Aries

The horoscope ofDavid ferrer is Aries. David started playing tennis at age 8, with his father and older brother. He immediately emerged and at age 12 he began to win championships: Champion of the Valencian Community, Semifinalist in the Spanish and European Championships in the fry category. Then, in the children's category with 14 years he won againValencian Community Championship, quarterfinals in the Spanish Championships. In 1996 he won a scholarship to attend the Catalan School of Tennis, due to his recent triumphs: Spanish U-15 champion and Spanish runner-up in singles. This made him move to Barcelona and join the group: Tommy Robredo, Marc López, Carles Cuadrado ... In 1999 he returned to his homeland and began training at the School of Villena with Juan Carlos Ferrero for 9 months, to move then to Denia. Currently, he lives in Valencia and trains at the Saladar Tennis Club, in Silla.

As we can see from a young age, as soon as he was clear about his vocation, he gave himself up in a bold and brave way. He is very determined, adventurous and daring. He has never missed an opportunity and has not stopped working since. Tennis runs through their veins and everyone is delighted with it.

The Aries when an idea matures they go for it without fear, because they have it so clear and so well thought out, that they consider that it cannot go wrong. David seeks life from a young age. He knows that it is essential not to stop learning, working and perfecting. He never shows signs of tiredness. It is clear to him that this is for a few years and that he cannot waver. It is open to everything. You know your limits. He doesn't mind sacrificing himself as long as he gets what he wants. Challenges attract you. He tries to enjoy life to the extent that his strict order of life allows. He likes to play on clay and hard. He is very good at deep play and knows how to make his opponents move. It is agile and quick to move. Roger Federer considers him the best receiver on the entire circuit.

As a good Aries he likes to travel and is irresistibly attracted to the unknown and pursues his dreams. The Aries are tireless, David Ferrer is a very tough adversary and he has no patience. He always wants to get everything done fast. We'll see what he's going to surprise us with during his career, but he sure does.

David Ferrer is energetic and self-confident, he has a serious and responsible image. He is manly and has a penetrating gaze, which radiates a lot of personality. Aries are very disciplined and have worked very well. With his penetrating gaze and well-modulated voice, he manages to convey what he wants with force. Another trait of the Aries is that they are born leaders, they are dominant and they know how to impose themselves with total normality. They know how to plan their life and work very well, and that of others. They get involved without realizing it.

As for their private life, an Aries is very jealous of their privacy. They are introverts, but not out of insecurity, if not out of modesty. They are serious, responsible, in their relationships. You know you can count on him because he will never let you down. They don't have kinks, which is good because they don't hide their feelings. The problem is that they are very demanding and dominant, because they demand the same in return. They find it a bit difficult to find the right person due to the degree of demand they have. They are very passionate sexually. As for the relationship with their children, they are excellent parents, but very severe. He is not married at the moment. It is known that he lives as a couple with Marta Tornel,Optician by profession, with whom he has been in a relationship for a long time. They are very happy together and there is talk of a possible wedding. For more information, see:Characteristics of Aries.

Compatibility ofDavid ferrer with other signs: David Ferrer as Aries iscompatible with: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. On the other handDavid ferrer would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Scorpio Capricorn, Piscesand regular for Virgos (better as friends than as a couple) and Libra, For more information see:Compatibility of the signs with Aries.

Other details of interest aboutDavid ferrer and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofDavid ferrer would beJUSTICE, is balanced, thoughtful, with a great sense of Justice .. (See:Letter of Justice)
  • The number ofDavid ferrer is he8, he is self-sufficient, strong, successful, he is a good manager… (See:Meaning of number 8, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope ofDavid ferrer it isDOG is honest, mood swings, empathizes easily,… (See:Meaning of the Dog of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofDavid ferrer It is the Gold.
  • The element ofDavid ferrer It is Fire.
  • The planet ofDavid ferrer is Sun.
  • The stone ofDavid ferrer It is Ruby, Diamonds and Hyacinth.
  • The Twitter ofDavid ferrer is: @ DavidFerrer87

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