Feliciano López's horoscope: discreet and attractive

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Feliciano Lopez whose full name isFeliciano López Díaz-Guerra. He is a Spanish tennis player, who is part of the Spanish team in the Davis Cup. Occupies in No. 32 in the ATP (06/20/13). Until 2011 his coach is Pato Clavet and from there it is Alberto Berasategui.
Awards received: winner 3 Davis cup Spanish team in 2008-2009-2011, champion of the Johannesburg Tournament in 2010, 4th individual in the London Olympics 2012, 4th finalist at Wimbledon in 2011, finalist at Serbian Open in 2011, semifinalist in the Shanghai Masters 1000 in 2011, winner of the Eastbourne Tournament (Australia) in 2013.
Its advertising sponsors are: Wilson and Puma.

Date of birth ofFeliciano Lopez: 09/20/1981 in Toledo, Spain

Zodiac sign of Feliciano LopezVirgo

The horoscope ofFeliciano Lopez: He is Virgo, which means that he is a very orderly, meticulous and hard-working man. Virgos are not usually leaders, but they always stand out in their work, for how well organized they have everything and for a job well done. He is sure not to skip any training, because he is very responsible and because of the good control they have over his life. Feliciano is trying to develop his full potential to the maximum, to reach the top positions.

He started playing tennis at the age of 5. His father Feliciano is a tennis teacher and his mother Belén is a nurse. He has a younger brother, Víctor Since he was little he has been a balanced and strong child. At the age of 12 he moved to Madrid with his parents, so that he could train in the School of the Spanish Tennis Federation. He started competing in 1997, standing out from quickly. Sport is your life. At the age of 15, the Federation sent him to Barcelona, ​​to perfect the High Performance Center of said city. Feliciano is a perfectionist, his determination and great willpower have made him climb the ranks until he gets to where he is. As a good Virgo, he takes his time, to plan his strategy, to assess all the possibilities before starting a game or his season. With 15 years he won in Spain Championship in the cadet category.

Feliciano López has great mental and physical strength. He is polite and very correct. Virgos are usually shy and discreet. They prefer to go unnoticed, but no matter how hard he has tried, he has never fully succeeded, because he is considered the most handsome and attractive tennis player on the planet. Journalists are always aware of their affairs. But deep down as a Virgo, he is jealous of his private life and tries to keep his life out of the public eye. They are usually excellent parents and know how to spend time with their children, for them it is a pleasure to educate them. In this sense, Feliciano has always appeared in magazines, thanks to his love life. He has a lot of success with women and has always dated well-known girls and has been on the cover of the Pink Press magazines and of the heart issues gatherings. He has had quite a few notorious relationships: Alejandra Prat, Sonia Arenas, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Nira Juanco. Then came his relationship with Mª José Suarez, his girlfriend for 5 years and with whom he lived a pregnancy and a very notorious breakup. After that relationship he has dated several models: Jessica Bueno, Úrsula Corberó ... Currently, he is dating Alba Carrillo (ex of Fonsi Nieto and mother of his son Lucas) and they are very much in love.

His hobbies are sports and he is a Real Madrid fan, both in football and basketball. He loves swimming and going out with his friends and going to the movies and discos ... His two great friends on the circuit are Rafa Nadal and Fernando Verdasco, who is your doubles partner. They have been seen hanging out as friends and even going on vacation. To know more about Virgo see:Virgo characteristic.

Compatibility ofFeliciano Lopez with other signs:Feliciano Lopez how Virgo iscompatible with: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, and with people of the same Virgo sign they get along fantastically. On the other handFeliciano Lopez would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and regular with Leo and Libra. For more information see:Virgo compatibility with the other signs

Other details of interest aboutFeliciano Lopez and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card of Feliciano Lopez It would be THE EMPERESS, they are balanced, harmonious, sensual, feminine people. (See: Letter from The Empress)
  • The number of Feliciano Lopez is the 3, from him comes his artistic genius, his creativity, intelligence and he is sociable ... See: Meaning of number 3, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope ofFeliciano Lopez is hePORK or JABALÍit is honesty, frankness, talent, knowing how to be happy ... (See:Meaning of the Pig or Wild Boar)
  • The color ofFeliciano Lopez is hepure white, light blue and pastel colors.
  • The Element ofFeliciano Lopez: it isLand.
  • The planet ofFeliciano Lopez it isMercury.
  • The stone ofFeliciano Lopez it isPink Jasper, Hyacinth and Topaz..
  • The Twitter ofFeliciano Lopez it is: @feliciano_lopez

Video: Wawrinka v Lopez, 2016 US Open practice 4K


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