Latest Fashion Trends of 2020 (Part II)

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We continue with the latest women's fashion trends of 2020 that the Sstreet style leaves us with the parades of the most important fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan or New York. Get to know them and be inspired to combine them and thus raze with the latest news in outfits.

Romantic tulle skirts

Vogue Spain

Stripes as star print

Vogue Spain

Your clothes speak for you

Vogue Spain

From bed to street: satin trousers

Vogue Spain

Corduroy is back

Vogue Spain

Funny jacket suits

Vogue Spain


Vogue Spain

Coats furry

Vogue Spain

Shoulders cut out

Vogue Spain

Garments oversize

Vogue Spain

The main color: orange

Vogue Spain

The 80s are back with shoulder pads

Vogue Spain

Romantic dresses + rock boots

Vogue Spain

Mix of patterns

Vogue Spain

Animal Print

Vogue Spain

You no longer have an excuse to become a true queen of the Sstreet Style. 😎

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