Skype calls on MySpace

MySpace launches a Skype calling service

The social network MySpace is collaborating with the Internet telephony company Skype so that MySpace users can make calls with each other. MySpace has more than 110 million users and Skype 220 million.

With this service, which will be launched at the end of November, both companies claim to be creating the world's largest online community connected by voice.

MySpace users will be able to make free calls over the Internet to other MySpace users, or to Skype users. In addition, they will be able to make paid calls to mobiles and landlines.

The Skype option will be added to the MySpace instant messaging tool that is already available and will not require users to download any other Skype software.

"Internet calls are the natural next step for our members to communicate with each other," MySpace president Chris DeWolfe told the BBC.

Source: BBC News

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