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The topic of a romantic date is to enjoy an intimate dinner or a movie together with your partner. Here are some ideas for a different date:

A bike ride. For an original date, we can have a delicious picnic, put it in our backpack, go with the bikes (by train, tram ...) to a beautiful area and spend a few hours outdoors, exercising and enjoying the company of our partner . And if we want to avoid having to travel so much, we can plan a route through the city to end in a park where we can have a picnic.

Volunteering. It is very stimulating to do good deeds for others, and one way to strengthen your partner is to do something supportive for others. Whether it's working in the kitchen of a local canteen, helping an elderly man clean his garden, or building a house for an NGO, we can turn our date into a time of activity that does some good.

Dance class: Another different date is to go to a dance class together. The type that most appeals to them from ballroom dancing to salsa. It's a great way to relax and have fun, and it's also a very healthy activity. If dancing doesn't appeal to you as an original date, any other type of physical activity will do - a private class for both of you in golf, aerobics, yoga….

Play bowling: Going to the bowling alley is always fun and is an original date, especially for older couples who have not bowled for years.

Sightseeing: Sightseeing in your own city. Find out if there is an interesting art exhibition, a play, or a small museum where they haven't been yet. Other alternatives for sightseeing in your own city would be to go to the zoo or an amusement park.

Go to skate: Get on the skates for a fun and active date. Whether it is roller skating or ice skating, being something different, it is an original date. Perhaps they will discover that they love it, and in this case they will already have the matter of the next gift for their partner: some skates.

Go fishing: Fishing is an extraordinarily relaxing activity and could well be a different kind of date. A day - or afternoon - by the sea, river or lake, enjoying the scenery, the noise of the water and nature. You just need to get a fishing rod and bait, prepare a picnic and choose the area to enjoy a quiet and different date.

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